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Distribution of sweets or mithai marks the start of celebrations

India is a place where a lot of celebrations are held. As it is a secular country, the huge population belonging to various religions reside in India. There is a concentration of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains, Buddhists and many more religions in India. One factor common among all the people who belong to different sects and sub sects of caste and religion is that irrespective of their faith and custom, for every celebration or a good occasion, sweets also known as mithai is distributed as a symbol of celebration. The range of sweets available in a sweet shop is unimaginable. Special sweets or mithai shops cater only to this need of making sweets and there are very famous sweet shops in every state where sweets are produced according to the taste of the people. So a sweet which is highly preferred in North India may not be the hot favourite of South Indians and vice versa. Tastes and preference changes from state to state and region to region. But you can select your favourite sweet if you step into an online Mithai shop.
Online shops are not far behind as assortment of sweets and confectionaries are displayed along with rates which help you choose the sweets you love. Even if you want to order for yourself, you can book your order or if you want to send it to your dear one, you can select a mithai bouquet for delivery.
Mithai shops are very many in India. Every nook and corner has a sweet shop as people in India love to have sweets and Diwali is the function when there are maximum sales of sweets in India. Diwali is incomplete without sweets, new dress and crackers. With the advent of internet, it has become quite easy to send bouquets of sweets, chocolates, flowers and cute gifts to people whom you love. The variety of gifts available online is immense; all one has to do is to check for the apt gift for the occasion and book the required gift from an online shop. The gifts are delivered promptly with utmost care to its destination as customer service is given a lot of importance by online shops.

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